Software Engineering Radio

Hearing a speech by an expert makes a quite different impression to reading their written words. Its not surprising the two media aren’t interchangeable, given that differing senses, neural circuitry, and mental frameworks are involved in experiencing each.

My feeling is that speech better outlines general concepts and big ideas, while the variety of intonation in voice can convey subtle values judgments and preferences that text renders flat. Written text, meanwhile, rules supreme when fine detail needs to be communicated, or when the consumer of the information needs to regulate their consumption rate (for example, when reading mathematical formulae).

Software Engineering Radio is a series of about 100 podcasts from leading experts on a diverse range of topics. Its a fairly effortless and enjoyable way to expose your mind to some of the finest memes (and people) in the field today, and a refreshingly distinct alternative to reading blogs and books.

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